Isaiah 42:12 Outreach, Inc, is a Christian outreach ministry to the
underprivileged to help equip them to pursue the call of God
on their lives for praise and worship.

Our primary focus is to reach underprivileged adults, who may or
may not have played an instrument in the past, but, who may be in
need of an instrument and/or some developing, refreshing, or
elevating of their skills and knowledge.


Through short-term mission trips, we provide one-on-one and small
group instruction, working to enable people to develop and use their
musical gifting:

…in church orchestras or praise & worship bands

…to be a blessing to nursing homes, Bible studies, or outreaches

…to enhance their own personal or family time of worship

... to glorify God, and declare His praise!


As donations allow, we provide musical instruments, sheet music,
music instruction books, and music instrument-related supplies to
the underprivileged to use for praise and worship.


While not the primary focus of our ministry, we do provide, as donations
allow, musical instruments and instruction (such as a head-start to or
an enhancement of the instruction they may receive at school) to
underprivileged children who would like to play in their school band or
orchestra, but are not able to do so because their families don't have the
finances to purchase an instrument or to pay for private lessons.


Our ministry is about more than music.
This is a ministry of the love of Christ...

     Loving the hopeless.
     Loving the helpless .
     Loving the homeless.
     Loving people.

Make God's glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast
Isaiah 42:12 (Message)

Isaiah 42:12 Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.
All USA donations we receive are fully tax deductible.

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