Isaiah 42:12 Outreach is an outreach ministry to the underprivileged to help equip them to pursue the call of God on their lives for praise and worship.

Summer Outreach Mission 2017 - Dallas, Texas
This summer, we'll be traveling to Dallas, Texas, providing free music lessons and donating instruments to the underprivileged at Dallas International Street Church. In preparation for this, we are needing three acoustic guitars (with cases) and perhaps a few other instruments, as well as provision for our lodging in Dallas. Please prayerfully consider donating to help with these, as well as prayers that God would pour out His anointing on this mission; that the Holy Spirit would shepherd us in our preparations for this mission and that we would reach those whom He wants us to reach, and His purposes will be fulfilled.

Recap: Summer 2016 Outreach Mission to Galway, Ireland
June 30th, 2016, found us arriving in Dublin, Ireland, primed and ready for our mission to Galway. Two years previously, we had been invited by Pastor Paul Cullen to bring Isaiah 42:12 Outreach to Galway’s Discovery Church. At last, the time was right. By the grace of God and the generosity of a member of his congregation who was going to be out of town while we were there, we were provided a townhouse in the community of Athenry in which to reside for the duration of our time in Ireland. In medieval times, Athenry was a small walled city and one can still see remnants of that wall as well as of a small castle. A most well-organized and highly-anointed woman of the church, Fiona, had prepared for our arrival by contacting those who had indicated an interest in being served by our ministry. Consequently, she set up a very intricate and detailed schedule for the lessons, scheduled transportation for us (Athenry is about 16 miles from Galway; often providing the transportation herself), scheduled what meals would be provided for us by the church (usually assisting in the meal preparation), and did whatever else was needed so as to ensure that our time was used well and so that the congregation would receive the most possible benefit from our time with them. Another church in Galway, Galway Christian Fellowship, under the leadership of Pastor Peter Burrows, teamed up with Discovery Church for our ministry there, opened up their church so as to provide us with a location for our lessons, and invited members of their congregation to also take lessons with us. Having such wonderful and detailed organization already in place was a wonderful blessing for us and allowed us to focus on ministering to people rather than on handling logistics and we are deeply thankful to Pastors Cullen and Burrows, to Fiona, and to all who provided transportation, meals, and guidance. We had a two-week time frame for our lessons and all those who had asked for lessons were provided with two 50-minute-long lessons each week. Although some were small group lessons, most were individual lessons. With a focus on music for worship and honoring the Lord’s giftings of music in people’s lives, we provided lessons in guitar, piano/keyboard, drums, violin, trumpet/cornet, and saxophone. Our students were a varied lot; ranging in age from 7 to 65, with ethnic backgrounds from Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Angola, South Africa, the United States, and, of course, Ireland (and perhaps a few others). Many were absolute beginners, while others had some background on their instruments. Lessons varied from person to person; how to hold the instrument, how to play specific chords, what is the English word for certain French musical techniques, music notation reading, strumming patterns, drum beats, specific worship songs, etc. Our students were enthusiastic, dependable, dedicated, gracious, and expressed heart-felt gratitude for this opportunity to learn worship music and to upgrade their skills. In week two, we were joined by Dawn and Mark Wiles, two talented musicians from the worship teams at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa. They had volunteered to be a part of our mission to Ireland and brought with them expertise in vocal music, bass guitar, keyboard, and drums…much of which was outside of or at a higher level than what we could provide. Their students took to them right away and they proved to be anointed, caring, and excellent teachers. The two weeks flew by and, almost before we knew it, our time in Ireland was over. All in all, we ministered to 45 people, most of whom we worked with at least four times during those two weeks. Although we looked forward to returning home, we were sad to leave our new-found Irish friends. Ireland is a beautiful country and all of the Irish people with whom we worked (our host pastors and their families, Fiona and all who drove for us, cooked for us, and served us in other ways, and all of our students) were so very gracious, open, friendly, helpful, generous, determined-to-learn, and determined to glorify God with music. We look forward to hearing how these people and God’s kingdom on earth have been impacted by this mission trip to Ireland (short-term and long-term). We are so very thankful to God, to our hosts, and to all those who have donated to this ministry and who have prayed for us! We could not have done this on our own. May the Lord exceedingly bless all of you!
SUMMER 2017: Dallas, Texas and Kenya!

Our ministry will head to the Dallas, Texas area for our 2017 outreach, Additionally, our ministry has been invited to teach in an orphanage in Kenya, either this summer or sometime in the coming year or two. Please pray for these new mission outreaches. Exciting times for Isaiah 42:12 Outreach!

Summer Outreach 2014
In June of 2014, Isaiah 42:12 Outreach headed to London, Ontario, where we spent nearly a month ministering primarily to the underprivileged, but also to a few who work with the underprivileged. Hillcrest Community Church was our most gracious host as they opened their facilities to our ministry. During our time in London, we provided musical instruments, music, and music-related equipment, as well as taught many hours of music lessons. All of this was, of course, free of charge to those to whom we were ministering.

For the second half of our Summer 2014 Mission Outreach to Canada, we traveled to Vancouver, BC, where we ministered primarily to families connected with Youth with a Mission, teaching music lessons to children and adults, and providing musical instruments.

It was such a blessing for us to minister to and pray with these wonderful Canadians! The warmth with which they embraced us and our ministry was so heartfelt and our lives were deeply enriched by our time with these wonderful people. Some photos of our time of ministry in Canada may be viewed  here at our Isaiah 42:12 Outreach facebook page (note: apparently due to a change in facebook policy, you have to be logged into facebook before clicking on this link will work).

Make God's glory resound; echo his praises from coast to coast
Isaiah 42:12 (Message)

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